Love Your Trailer From Start To Finish

Hello! Welcome to Corr Commercials. We are super glad you found your way here!  We are a premiere video production service dedicated entirely to making captivating trailers for our clients. We provide professional, creative, and engaging trailers for individuals at affordable prices, without sacrificing quality and visual attraction. Our service works closely with our customers to ensure that they acquire the trailer that’s personalized to their desires. 

Who We Are

Corr Commercials started as a nameless, seedling based in the Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. With a passion for video editing and production, what once started as one individual freelancer has now grown into just three finely skilled and elegantly social men and women (a growth of 2 is a good start, isn’t it?). Our service has created many trailers in genres ranging from mystery, suspense, horror, non-fiction, fantasy, children’s, erotica, and much more.  We strive to provide you with the most cost-efficient, highly effective, quality and professional service.  

Our goal is simple    to work with our clients every step of the way in creating trailers that are personalized to the very core.  We want our customer’s product to be unparalleled in creativity and professionalism. The customer envisions what they want; we’re here to bring it to life.

Building a relationship with our clients through our work is our driving force. With realizing how important video marketing is and the need for authors to have trailers for their books, we came to the conclusion that these trailer-less individuals can improve on their success exponentially through the implementation of their own cinematic trailer. 

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